We help people choose rewarding career paths.

Choosing a fulfilling career can be extremely challenging.

Even overwhelming.

Maybe you’ve tried a job or two with great anticipation and intentions, but ended up feeling deeply dissatisfied.

Perhaps you thought you had the path to a bright future mapped out.

But then….things took a dark turn.

And you were hit with the disappointing reality that the career path you chose just isn’t what you thought it would be.

Maybe you had a job where you loved the work itself, but the environment just did not fit well.

You felt uncomfortable. Stifled. A round peg in a square hole.

And you went home every night drained because the culture and environment did not bring out the best in you.

We provide guidance and answers to career questions that many are seeking.

Our career counseling process is different as we start with helping you understand the specific gifts God has blessed you with.

We celebrate your personality traits, strengths, natural interests, driving motivators, communication style, and much more — and explain how these gifts were designed to be used in the workplace.

We then conduct career industry match exploration, so you have a deep understanding of how your gifts and talents can best fit within a multitude of career opportunities.

If you are ready to learn how our Talent Analysis Discovery Process may help you in choosing a rewarding career path, schedule your free consultation today.