I love to work hard.

For people I care about, passions I have or things that interest me.

I have so much energy and stamina, and am usually happy, focused and quick-minded.

And I’m typically pretty pleased with the outcome of my hard work and dedication.

But I HATE, I mean truly abhor, working hard for reasons that do not spark a fire in me.

Even if that work is not physically or mentally stressful at all.

I can’t hardly get out of bed when I know the day is going to “dull my senses”.

I dread every second of the work. I look at the clock all day, counting the minutes until the misery is over.

And when I get home, all I want to do is lay on the couch all night and veg out….and do absolutely nothing.

Because I am too stinking tired from the lack of work that sparked a fire in me. I’m just exhausted.

Work is not supposed to be that way. It’s not supposed to drain the life out of you.

We were made with specific gifts and talents. And we were made to use them EVERYDAY.

When we do, we experience joy and fulfillment so that we experience work as the gift it is – not a burden to be endured.

If you would like to better understand what your gifts and talents truly are, and what career fields may best fit you, Gracefully Lead Me can help.