Stop Playing a Broken Record

As I reflect back on my life, I see patterns where I have made the same types of decisions based on the same misguided rationale over and over and over…like a broken record.

Why did I keep making these types of decisions, when the outcome repeatedly ended in distress, discontent and disappointment?


Fear that if I truly pursued my heart’s desire things would turn out even worse than the realities I had become accustomed to.

The devil you know vs. the devil you don’t.

Fear can make us do all kinds of crazy things.

But once we are ready to break out of the fear-based decision making habits that are hurting us and not helping…

and tell fear “no more”…

that’s when life begins.

We were made for so much more.

At Gracefully Lead Me we provide courage, confidence and clarity to clients by helping them understand their natural wiring in a deep way that has likely never been explained to them before.

Because when you understand yourself well, you develop courage and confidence to kick fear to the curb.

We can help you understand your decision-making habits and what fears may be driving them…and discuss next steps to take to adjust.