Empty nesting.

Some people dread the sheer thought of this season of life.

Others gleefully await its arrival, ready to embark on the future.

No matter what side of the fence you fall on, it’s a season of huge change. Parents, the struggle is real.

We understand.

This season is all about YOU.

Two decades have passed since YOU were able to prioritize YOU.

Your responsibilities are different now. Your burdens are different. You may have a sense of freedom and “lightness”, along with unsettling anxiety, you haven’t felt in years.

Who are you now?

How do you want to spend your next twenty years?

You’ve been through births, deaths, tragedies, adventures, highs, lows, kicks in the teeth, and joys greater than your heart can hold.

And the physical changes….we aren’t 25 anymore. But we are far from having one foot in the grave.

So now what?

If you find yourself empty nesting and would like assistance in figuring out who you are now after raising and launching kids, Gracefully Lead Me can help. Visit our website to learn more or schedule your free consultation.