1. What exactly do you do?

We help people choose rewarding career paths through our personalized Talent Analysis Discovery process.

Our career counseling process is different as we provide awareness and deep understanding of the unique gifts and talents God has instilled in you, and then explain how these gifts were designed to be used in the workplace.

We conduct career industry match exploration, so you gain insight into how your unique gifts and talents can fit within a multitude of career opportunities.

With this awareness and understanding, you have the clarity and encouragement you need to confidently move forward in pursuing a career that fits like a glove.

2. How do you do what you do?

We utilize a suite of four different assessment tools that serve as the backbone of our Talent Analysis Discovery process.

Each tool looks at a distinct part of your natural wiring from the perspective of how God uniquely and wonderfully made you.

We combine the data from the assessments and provide rich, insightful analysis of the results.

We then spend time:

  • Focusing on your strengths and talents, discussing possible best-fit career paths

  • Dispelling myths you may incorrectly believe about yourself

  • Pouring out encouragement, confidence and inspiration, so you feel well-equipped to take the next steps on your career journey

3. How long does the process take?

It usually takes less than 10 business days to complete the Talent Analysis Discovery process, starting from the time you decide to engage until you have the finished results in-hand.

4. What types of clients do you serve?

We serve many different types of clients, including those who are:

  • Changing careers

  • Bouncing back after job loss

  • Graduating from high school

  • Entering college

  • Retiring

  • Empty nesting

  • Re-entering the workforce

  • Former military

5. Do you offer online services?

Yes, we offer both online and in-person services.

The assessments are completed online by you in the comfort of your home or other location as best fits within your schedule.

The Talent Analysis Discovery Session to discuss the assessment results is offered via Zoom or as an in-person meeting.

Ongoing coaching is offered via Zoom or as an in-person meeting.

Have additional questions or ready to begin the process?

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We look forward to speaking with you!