The majority of college graduates (61%) say if they could go back in time they would choose a different major.


The number one reason: “I want to pursue my passion”.

Most students do not select a major knowing they will be disappointed and not get fulfillment from their day-to-day work.

At the tender young ages of 18-21, students often make the best choice possible with the knowledge available to them.

But what if you could flip the script.

What if your student understood how their passions and natural interests translate to career opportunities?

And was then guided through a discovery process of how the day-to-day work would spark them in meaningful ways?

Imagine helping them:

• Understand their natural strengths, personality, motivators and stressors as it relates to career opportunities

• Explore career fields that best fit their unique and special wiring, so they can choose a rewarding path

If you are interested in helping flip the script for your student, send us an email at to get the ball rolling.

We love to help students choose rewarding career paths.