As humans, most of us naturally have pretty strong coping mechanisms.

That’s why it’s so hard to discern if we are just going through a rough season and need to suck it up and stop whining, or…

If it is indeed time to say, “That’s it. No more”. And start over.

Maybe it’s your work environment that’s turning you into a person you don’t even like anymore.

Maybe it’s a relationship that brings out the worst in you.

Maybe it’s a dream you have, but keeps getting further and further into the distance – and you are sad, because you long for it desperately.

Maybe it’s anxiety eating you up inside, knowing you are not in your sweet spot, but not knowing which direction to go.

If you repeatedly find yourself saying, “I’m exhausted just thinking about investing any more energy into that situation”…

It’s time to make a change.

It’s time to thank your coping mechanism for helping you survive thus far, but you were made for more than just surviving.

You were made to thrive.

God designed us to live purposeful, abundant lives. But we so easily get pulled off the trail for a number of reasons.