“What should I do with my life?”

Your college or high school student may be struggling mightily to answer that question.

And you, as a parent, may be struggling watching your teenage or young adult child struggle.

The emotions and angst tied to this question can impact the whole family. Launching into adulthood is riddled with one anxiety-filled decision after the next.

And the “What should I do with my life?” question is the big firecracker that can trigger a tsunami of anxiousness.

At Gracefully Lead Me, we help students and parents navigate this path.

We help by walking students through a process where they gain a deep understanding and appreciation of how God naturally wired them, revealing strengths, interests, career motivators, personality traits, temperament, and more in a deep way that has likely never been explained before.

We then conduct career industry match exploration, discovering how your student’s unique God-given talents and natural wiring were designed to be used in the workplace.

With this level of understanding, it makes the career planning process much clearer and easier to follow.