“I feel like it’s my birthday.”

I frequently hear clients say this as we complete their Talent Analysis Discovery Session.

And that’s EXACTLY what they should be feeling. It’s my prayer for every person I meet with.

Because each person’s unique natural strengths, talents, personality, interests, and more are all gifts from God to be unwrapped and treasured, just like presents you receive on your birthday.

Think back to when you were a kid and you longed for a special gift. Maybe a ball glove. Or doll. Or pretty necklace.

And perhaps you received the very gift you wanted.

Did you put the gift on a shelf, just to glance at it from time to time?


You used the glove, played with the doll, or wore the necklace.

You used the gifts frequently, treasuring the specialness of each one.

At Gracefully Lead Me, that’s how we want clients to view their natural wiring…their unique gifts and talents.

We want clients to see them as gifts from God and use them EVERYDAY.