It’s absolutely soul-crushing to go to a job everyday that doesn’t fit you.

Where you have talents that aren’t being used, and you feel grossly underutilized.

Where people place expectations on you that are extremely far out of your natural giftedness, and you feel set up for failure.

Where people speak to you in a negative way, with praise and encouragement absent.

Where leaders don’t care about your mental state or overall health, they just care about productivity, their personal agendas, and “checking boxes”.

These types of environments kill your heart and soul.

They make working days horribly dreadful.

Work was not designed to be this way.

Work was designed to be a form of trusted community.

Your gifts and talents were designed to be used in a way to bless others.

And others gifts and talents were designed to bless you.

Healthy work environments are motivating, and bring out the best in each other. They do not pit people against one another or plant seeds of contempt.

If you find yourself in a work situation that is draining your soul and making your heart hurt, Gracefully Lead Me can help guide you towards a better career fit.

It’s our privilege and honor to walk alongside you as you begin a journey to feeling alive and joyful about work again.