I have a special place in my heart for 20-somethings.

Those years between graduating high school and finding that first career that sings to your soul are so, so hard.

I meet with many young clients between the ages of 18-26.

Some have graduated college but hate the major they graduated with.

Some are still in college but already know the major they selected, and are halfway finished with, does not fit them at all. And they don’t know which way to turn.

Their minds are full of well-intended but confusing advice that just makes matters worse. They feel “stuck” and hopeless. Like no one understands them.

Like they are being judged for not just “getting a job”.

Sometimes they feel like “failures” because they don’t want to pursue a job in the field they so joyfully selected when they started college.

I just want to hug every single 20-something.

Hug them and say, “Hey, A LOT of life happens between the time you are 18-26. Give yourself grace for learning and growing and changing your mind and preferences. It’s normal and absolutely OK.”

If you are a 20-something, or know one who could use some career guidance, we specialize in helping young people during these difficult transition years.

We love to help people choose rewarding career paths.