Not all students want to go to college. Nor should they. And they shouldn’t be pressured to.

When we meet with students and begin our introductory session to determine the best path for them after high school, we do not ask what they want to do after they graduate.

That’s a bit of a loaded question.

If we think back to when we were teenagers, the answer to this question honestly would have been a combination of:
– Make money
– Have freedom
– Get away from parents
– Travel

A few students are more certain of the career-related path they want to take.

But most are not.

So instead, we begin introductory sessions with students like this.

Think about your best day ever. Now explain, please…
– How were you enjoying yourself?
– What were you doing?
– What did others do to make it even more enjoyable?

From these 3 questions, a wealth of insight is gathered.

And students share many things with us they will not share with parents for fear of disappointing them or not meeting expectations.

But all we really want as parents is for our children to transition into happy adults who live meaningful lives, right?

If your student is in high school and is trying to figure out life after graduation, we can help.