Life After High School

Fulfilling and meaningful lives using their gifts and talents.

As parents, that’s all we really want for our children.

After they leave high school, we desperately want them to use their unique gifts and talents EVERY SINGLE DAY.

We want them to experience the distinct joy deep in their hearts that they are doing exactly what God made them to do.

If we think way back to when our kiddos were first learning to ride their bicycles without training wheels, we were so proud…beaming inside and out…that they were able to do something so magnificent ALL ON THEIR OWN.

And they were beaming as well.

We want them to continue to feel that way all their lives. This does not have to be a feeling left behind in childhood.

We want them to use their specific gifts and talents as adults and know they are doing magnificent, meaningful work – because God has uniquely wired them to do so.

We want them to feel that “riding bicycle joy” all their lives.

If you find yourself in a season of parenting where you are trying to help your student narrow down career options after high school, we are here to help you navigate the path.