Starting over. Gulp.

Those two words can evoke so many different emotions depending upon the circumstance causing the life upheaval.


Pure terror.



Sheer determination.


Regardless of what is to blame for the need to make a drastic pivot, just the idea alone of making big, sweeping changes in your life can be all-consuming.

In times of great transition, you may find yourself seeking counsel from those closest to you.

You may read articles.

You may speak with your pastor.

You may have some seriously long, heated conversations with those you live with.

You may even Google “What do I do now?” or “How do I start over?” as you wipe the tears off your keyboard.

It’s very normal to find yourself reaching outward to get the clarity you need. That helps us process and gives us reassurance and feedback from those we love and trust.

But to best navigate any journey, we at Gracefully Lead Me believe that the crucial, first step is to know exactly from where you are starting.

The exact, pinpointed location.

And that involves knowing yourself. Your natural wiring. Your strengths. Your loves. The things that make your skin crawl.

Without deeply knowing YOU, how can you possibly know if a side route will still lead to a fulfilling destination?

Of course, there are no guarantees in life, but knowing what you truly desire and what makes you light up on the inside will certainly help guide your path.

Transitions are hard, but YOU are worth digging into so that you know that you are on a path congruent with your personal goals and dreams.

Start with YOU this time.