I’m not the same person I was last week.

Or last month.

Or last year.

How can I be? How can you be?

We’ve all been through way too much.

My perspectives have changed.

The stirrings in my heart have changed.

The satisfaction in areas of my life have changed.

So I did what I advise other people to do.

I became my own client.

I regularly re-take the assessments and complete the activities I use to help guide other people in life and career.

I want to know if the changes, stirrings and satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) I’m feeling inside are intense and “real” enough to show up in data.

And if so, what guidance is recommended.

I want to see myself clearly TODAY.

I desire a deep level of self-awareness so I can be every bit of who I was made to be TODAY…as my almost 50-year-old self who is practically an empty nester.

Because we change. WE ALL CHANGE.

My own assessment results have changed DRAMATICALLY over the last 12-18 months.

Therefore so has the new direction and goals I’ve set for my life.

If you have previously met with a career counselor or life coach and taken assessments to help you understand yourself better, and secure guidance on what were made to do with your life…….

I strongly encourage you to do so again.

Especially if it’s been longer than 12-18 months.

Gracefully Lead Me would love to meet you where you are today and help provide clarity on next steps from here.